Visita à Nave do Conhecimento

As crianças da Casa Arte Vida Guaratiba receberam um convite especial, para visitar à Nave do Conhecimento (Unidade Triagem). Este projeto é parte do programa da Secretaria Especial de Ciencia e Tecnologia do Rio de Janeiro. Educação e Tecnologia como ferramentas para o desenvolvimento social. As crianças participaram de uma aula interativa sobre ciências e […]

Summer Camp – Sports

The outdoor activities, plenty of pleasant, are very important for psychomotor development of children, which is related to the maturation process, where the body is the source of cognitive, affective and organic purchases. See how the children enjoyed themselves on the mounted for sport activity circuit.    

The body and food

The pedagogical project “Sow” has been working throughout the school year the concept of what we plant good for our lives, our community and our planet. The Food Education program accompanied the proposal and the outcome was a success! Children are learning about the human body and the importance of healthy eating for good intellectual […]

Techno CAV

A linguagem tecnológica vem se apresentando como fundamental no processo educativo das novas gerações. A rapidez das informações e a quantidade de conteúdo disponível trouxe uma nova realidade para os educadores. Como um espaço de Educação Complementar, a CAV promove oficinas de tecnologia com o objetivo aproximar e ensinar os conceitos da tecnologia informatizada, como […]

Teen´s project

The project was created especially for girls 12-15 years. The approach proposes stimuli directed self esteem, creativity, autonomy, cognitive, and social context of young girls. The objective is to strengthen the youth group to sensitize, question and clarify issues by exploring topics such as rights, justice, human relations, respect, violence, values​​, self esteem, planning and […]


The artist Victor Mattina is working the concepts of light and color to children’s arts workshop. Classes are weekly and the first technique presented was the painting, where they could experience the possibilities of combining colors.

Organic garden

The garden of the Casa Arte Vida (Lopes Unit) is part of the growing organic program genres. Children actively participate in planting, cleaning, watering and harvesting the plants. The garden supplies the house with organic vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, arugula, cabbage, spices, beets, carrots, spinach, chard, chicory, chili, eggplant among others, that are used in […]

Environmental Education

With techniques of bio-construction, the joint efforts of the Environmental Education workshop are providing a playful way of a disclosure and sustainable economic practice of building new homes with cordwood and green roof. Check out the photos!  

a night at the circus

The Childrens won invitations to Cirque du Soleil. It was an unforgettable night! Access to cultural activities of the city is critical to children’s development. Look the pictures.